Monday, August 8, 2011

Photography: Boring photos? Crop and Filter to the rescue!

If you're not a natural-born photographer, use Photoshop filters and selective cropping to add some pizzazz to your travel photos. Photoshop's Poster Edges is my favorite filter, and Paint Daubs and Palette Knife are fun too.
I'm in NYC for the next two days on a business trip. After a tasty Thai dinner tonight, we grabbed a Starbucks and went for a walk around our block here on W56th Street. I took a few shots with the nighttime setting turned on and the flash turned off. You can snap away and people don't know you're taking photos.

Each pair of photos below first shows the photo as it came out of the camera, followed by the cropped and doctored-up version. (click on each photo to see it larger.)

I found a great little scene in the tiny center section on the right-hand side of the photo above.

This picture is a completely blurry mess but after lightening it up I cropped it and used the poster edges filter to get...


  1. These are wonderful! I love playing with the photoshop filters to make tranfer images. (OK, a little obsessed here...)
    My favourite is the one with the two men jabbing at the newspaper.

  2. These pics kick ass! Love how you cropped each of these to make them something special!

  3. These are very cool, although I did think that the Mister Softee was going to be a pic of it's own, in that retro/vintage style. Fun pics to be sure.

  4. Very nice, i am a total photoshopper, i'm always cropping and adding effects.



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