Sunday, July 31, 2011

Faux Wood: Bangle experiment

I extruded a long triangle and coiled it around but didn't manage to make it big enough for my big hands. I'll take it to work and see if I can find a tiny-boned person to give it a field test. I worry about how well it would hold up in real life. I use Kato Clay which I like because it's relatively hard and holds its shape while you're working. And of course, it polishes up easily. However, for some thin items, it's too brittle -- or rather, there's no "give" or flex to it, and I've snapped some pieces because of that.

And these are pretty. I'm going to try a few in colors with colored centers.

Update on the Dukan Diet...I say Dukan Can Do! I hit the 20 lb-down mark on Friday. Six weeks! Seriously, if you're tyring to lose weight, you are nuts if you don't give this a try. I am stunned at how well it's working for me. The menopause midriff that prevented me from breathing during forward fold and child's pose at yoga is gone!

If you think you'll feel deprived without the sugar and carbs, don't worry. That's what I thought. But it's amazing that once you get it out of your system, you don't miss it. I think the sugar is a drug...the more you have, the more you want. Everything I ate was full of sugar, even things that I didn't realize were full of my beloved Cheerios or Special K and skim milk. My treat of choice these days is iced coffee with sugar-free vanilla or hazelnut with a splash of milk.

I feel great and best of all, in control! My head is not filled with thoughts of food anymore. I eat only when I'm hungry -- but I'm hardly ever hungry unless it's been a very long time since my last meal -- and I always stop eating before I'm stuffed. Tonight I turned away a plate of french fries that the waiter accidentally brought with my bunless burger -- and I was by myself so it wasn't even peer pressure that kept me from nibbling! That would not have happened before!

A few more pounds and the pants in my closet will be unwearable! Oh darn! (Time to get that sewing machine out of mothballs and do some takin' in!)

If you're interested in my previous post about this topic, you can read it here.


  1. Lovely bangle! That's why I started making them hollow, because they flex better. I don't really trust solid polymer to flex very well. Bangles are definitely tricky....

  2. Congrats to you!! Your posts are getting me curious about this diet. I crave sugar and carbs all the time. It would be awesome to get rid of that along with the extra weight!

  3. Your bracelet is way cool, and congrats on the weight loss it's difficult enough to maintain weight with menopause let alone lose weight.

  4. Well, you may have me convinced about the diet. I really need to do something. Love your faux wood!

  5. Great news on the weight loss, that's fab! I'm on a similar kick myself at the mo, lost 6 stone and 1lb since January 2nd. Couldn't give up carbs though, think I'd starve as I'm veggie so quite low on protein.

    Really like the bangle, it's got a really earthy simplicity to it.

  6. You inspired me with the last post. I was curious and did end up purchasing the book. I've read almost the whole thing--still have to read the exercise portion. But I'm starting today. I'm looking forward to this goal. I've written it down and will have it posted right in front of me to keep me inspired.

    Love the bangle. It does look like wood or a faux bone.


  7. don;t get me started on bangles....think I have just about sussed making the Kato strong enough now, baking hotter and longer. i have serveral blog posts about it.
    Love the look of your bangle, hope it is strong enough , and finds a good home!

  8. Congratulations on your PCD feature! I love the look of this--will have to give it a try, though I am reluctant to use Kato as a general rule becuase the conditioning is such a pain. Still, it's strength would be crucial for this look. I've had a similar issue with size--my wrists are VERY small and because I make everything to fit me, that's a problem for others; I found that by taking my standard metal form, and creating a 'blank' form of Polymer on it, I could use armor all as a resist, and create larger bangles for my friends--hurrah!

  9. I made 3 bracelets and they all broke right away,maybe I didn't bake it long enough? I thought I baked it 265 for 30-40 minutes,
    I was thinking about trying an elastic clay, has anyone tried it?



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