Sunday, September 28, 2014

Resistance is good!

I've been having fun with a new toy...liquid masking fluid in a fine tipped applicator. I got it at Jerry's Artarama. Here is the link:
I used it to make Batik-style beads (see pictures below). Instructions for batik process are below. Super easy and fun.
1. Start with plain white beads. I use Ultralight because i like the surface and I make big beads.
2. Put a few dots or other simple pattern on the bead and let the masking fluid dry (20 min or so). It turns slightly greenish when it's dry.
3. Cover the bead with the lightest color of alcohol ink. I just use my fingers and a paper towel to dab it. As soon as the alcohol is dry put a new design on the bead with the masking fluid.
4. When the masking fluid is dry cover the bead with the next darkest color.
5. Repeat the masking / alcohol steps until you're happy with your design. Don't go nuts... it's easy to overdo it and end up with a mess. 3-4 colors gives a good variety without muddying it up.
6. After you're happy with your design and the ink is dry, rub off the masking fluid and marvel at the pretty colors! 
I embellished with a silver metallic Uni ball gel pen on some of the items. It's a really nice pen. 
I also sprayed the beads with PYM II when I was finished with them.


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