You would never catch me in a rented or purchased Halloween outfit! I always make my own from my own pattern. I went to Ohio University where Halloween was the biggest night of the year. I dressed up every year in college and for nine years in a row after that.

College 1979 -- I was a a stork carrying a baby on my beak. 1980 -- I don't have a picture of it but my college roommates, friends, and one girl's boyfriend were "Pimp White and the Seven Whores" -- we were Easy, Sleazy, Teasy, Flashy, Trashy, Smutty, and Horny.

1986 -- Hey Mr. Tally Man, tally me banana! I used plastic boning to make the banana peels stand out. After this picture was taken I drew the Chiquita Banana lady in white puffy paint on my blue sticker. The next year a male friend borrowed the banana suit and ended up wrestling with a guy who was dressed as Buckwheat from the Little Rascals. After that the suit looked like a bruised banana and had to be retired.

Patricia made the Tweety costume. It cracked me up every time I looked at her... she didn't speak and it started to seem like she was actually a giant bird!

1987 -- I was a Space Bride! That's Susan as the Oreo.

1988 -- The parrot costume was made of a yellow sweatshirt, yellow tights, blue and yellow nylon net and a lot of felt "feathers." I threw a little glitter on for good measure.

1989 -- Ms. Potato Head on the prowl for her Mr.!

Not technically Halloween, but it did involve dressing up...
1987 -- This wasn't Halloween, just a Polyester party for fun. Patricia, Susan, and I rocked the man-made plastic fabrics! We found these fine treasures at the Red, White, and Thrift Store on Rt. 51.

Late 80's -- Another theme party at work. I was the 1950s prim career gal. These were more finds from the thrift store (except for my grandmother's bracelet). However, after the party, I shortened the skirt and wore it for a few years.

1990 -- We wanted a group costume so I made us the "Social Butterfly" outfit. The wings were decorated front and back. Left to right, it's Jo as our butterfly catcher, Maureen, Sheila and me.

1991 -- For the big Halloween party at work I was a penguin with a bowler hat, pleated tuxedo front, and snazzy bow tie. I put  a zipper that opened from the bottom in the back that I could unzip so I could walk. Otherwise I had to waddle. My co-worker Jo was a stuffed animal lion.

1998 -- the Cop and the Doughnut The doughnut body was a fake suede-like material, the icing was brown satin and the sprinkles were painted rigatoni. White cotton stuffing was my creamy filling! This outfit was re-used in 2005 as "Cup of Coffee and Doughnut" with Rob. He used a giant lampshade as the cup. It fit around him and his head stuck out the top.


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