Sunday, April 21, 2013

Slightly Unbalanced

I never feel like I have enough time! I don't even have kids. I have no idea how parents do it.

New scribed thingies below...

I put the loop too low on the back so this tends to flop over from the top.
Now I know to put the loop almost at the top. 

On second thought, I DO know why I don't have
so much free time anymore!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Virtual Paintout Bulgaria

Every month I choose a scene for the Virtual Paintout challenge and nearly every month I run out of time. I was determined not to let it slip by me this month. So Friday night, I got into bed with my gray marker and paper and sketched this out while I watched Jimmy Fallon and Tom Cruise smash eggs on their heads.

Check out the original scene. I couldn't tell if these were homes for people or stuff. They seem suitable for neither.

Artwork: 6.5” x 4.75”,
gray marker on gray paper

If the link above doesn't work, enter this…
 “60 улица „Татарли“, Sofia, София-град, Bulgaria
…in google maps turn 180 degrees from where you land and take one hop down the street.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lovely watercolors by Al Woodford

Every month I look forward to seeing Al Woodford's latest watercolor on Bill Guffey's The Virtual Paintout blog. Looking at them gives me a feeling I can't describe, like rediscovering a hazily remembered favorite picture book from childhood. So charming and story-like...I can't help but imagine a tale to go with each one.

I can't find a website for Al, but if you want to give yourself a little treat, go to google, click on images, and enter "Al Woodford" in the search. Then click on each picture to enlarge it and enjoy!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The PCD Bump, as Colbert would call it

Cynthia Tinapple's Polymer Clay Daily blog has quite a following, as if you don't already know that.
I am always amazed how an appearance on her site boosts your hits by orders of magnitude.
Check this out...

Here's what my typical hits look like...about 100-200 a day.

Here's what happens on a PCD appearance day. 600+ visitors came from PCD and then they hung out a while and looked around!

And here's another stat that's kind of cool...if you google "Dukan Diet Results," my page in this blog is the second result on google!! Now, if only some of those people wanted to buy polymer clay beads! I have to admit though that I am not being a good poster child for my diet right now. I'm up 7 lbs and need to get it back down!


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