Saturday, February 14, 2015

Art Deco Decor

I now know, I am an art deco fan. I stayed for several nights at the Four Seasons Orlando, part of the Walt Disney World resort for the luxury traveler. (Before you think I’ve won the lottery, please know I was only there as a hired hand for a work event.)

Talk about beautiful! I have a phone full of photos for future inspiration, some of which are below. It's not so much that I love each individual piece but I really like the look of it all combined.

Read through this list of hallmarks of art deco design and then mentally check them off as you peruse my photos below.

Characteristics of Art Deco Interior Design: geometric and angular forms, exotic materials, linear decoration, bold
Materials: stainless steel, mirrors, chrome, glass, lacquer, inlaid wood, ebony, marble, rare woods
Design Themes: leaves, branches, feathers, nudes, stylized animals, trapezoids, chevrons, zigzags, sunbursts
Colors: striking, bold, contrast; silver and black, neutral creams and beiges
Furniture: streamlined shapes, no frills, large in scale, chrome, mirrored
Floors: abstract designs, black and white tile, lacquered, polished parquet, large geometric pattern rugs
Lighting: glass (etched, enameled, white or colored), chrome

I condensed the information above from:

Nature and geometric pattern

Opalescent tile mosaic

Hallway geometric print carpet and wallpaper

Reflective print wallpaper

Reflective print fabric wallpaper

Geometric tile mosaic

Decorative grate on the outdoor path lighting

Geometric wallpaper, stylized animal metallic print picture, silver lights, streamlined shiny table, square pattern tile

Metallic translucent hardware on lighting
Geometric ceiling moulding, wall panels, glass bubble chandeliere

Curved couch and metallic table

Geometric wood chairs, geometric wood table, bold print fabric and rug, stylized animal (peacock) art

Linear, spiky floor lamps, curved art on bold square base

Geometric black iron railings, glass sunburst chandelier, square wall paneling

the dramatic chandelier at night

the top piece of the sink "bowl" slants downward and the bottom piece slants under that to the unseen drain below


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