Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sewing Tools Tote

We had to buy a set of odd-shaped tools, plus an L square which is  24" long x 15" wide.
Last week in class we discussed creating designs for a tote to hold everything.

 I designed mine as a vertical bag with multiple Velcro closure pockets sized to hold the various tools. (The pockets can seal up all the way; I just have the tools poking out in the photo to show what goes where.) 

One pocket needed to hold a small plastic box so I put darts in it.

There is another pocket on the inside for a 9" x 12" sketchbook. My drawing shows the t-shirt and asymmetrical wrap vest I hope to make with my new patterns.

I bought the fabric Thursday night, started sewing last night, and finished it up on Saturday.
The inside of the bag shouldn't be examined too closely because I didn't finish it as well as I could have,
but it will be very functional regardless.

After I finished it, I realized it looks like I turned a pair of striped pants my brother had in the 70's into a bag!! (Though to be fair to Joe, they were various shades of brown stripes, not these circus tent colors.)
Oh well, my tote will be a conversation piece.


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