Sunday, January 22, 2012

Virtual Paintout: Breckenridge Colorado..."Slopeview!"

Now you can see it before you ski it! Google Streetview has actually recorded a few ski slopes so Bill Guffey of Virtual Paintout sent his fans out into the snow-covered mountains this month. While downtown Breckenridge looks charming, I thought the novelty of the view on the slopes was too good to pass up. I found these snowboard boys chillin at the top of a hill.

 This pic will do double duty in my Art House Coop Sketchbook...due in just over a week!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Golden Julbilee Year!

Just like when royalty has been on the throne for 50 years, I plan to consider this my own "Golden Jubilee" year! My birthday week started off a few days early with a surprise party that totally surprised me; I woke up on my actual birthday to find myself on Polymer Clay Daily which resulted in over 40 (!) flickr contact requests; I took a relaxing mid-week day off and had dinner with friends that night; was the guest of honor at surprise lunch at work (again, I was totally surprised); and had happy hour with a small group last night to round it out. Lots of fun and reconnecting with old friends!

GLASS BEADS IN MY FUTURE. A birthday treat to myself starts next eight-week flameworking bead class. I've taken two weekend classes before which barely provided enough practice time. I'm hoping 8 weeks will let me get the hang of it and produce useful beads. You know I love the clay, but the inability to make anything clear is a limitation. I have several design ideas in mind that I want to try -- I probably won't have the skill to pull them off but we'll see!

EUROPEAN VACATION. In May a friend and I are going to London (fly in on Friday and spend the weekend) and Scotland (Monday to Friday in Edinburgh). Everyone asks "why Scotland?" and my only real reason is because I love the accent and have always had a thing for Ewan McGregor since he guest starred on ER years ago! I've never been to Europe -- it's a big trip. If anyone has good sightseeing suggestions for either country, please share!

MAGAZINE FEATURE. Speaking of the U.K., one of my customers (thanks B!) told me my blog was featured in the October 2011 issue of U.K.'s Beads and Beyond. I had no idea! There was a brief period last fall when I noticed lots of hits on my blog and flickr pages which usually indicates I've been featured somewhere. I couldn't find any feature online. Now I think I know was in print. I'm all for publicity but it would have been nice to know about it at the time!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Tutorial: Easy Organic Stripes

For instructions on how to create easy organic stripes, as shown below, start here.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

DATE CHANGE: JUNE 2-3, 2012 - Pittsburgh, PA - Sarah Shriver Intricate Kaleidoscope Caning

PPCG Spring Workshop  -  June 2-3, 2012  - Pittsburgh, PA
Sarah Shriver

Sarah's description of the class:
Students will create a polymer clay cane with the illusion of depth and movement by using a repeat interlocking pattern and the Skinner blend. We will take time selecting colors and work on the visual texture and quality of this fairly simple cane. Then I will show you some ways of kaleidoscoping the image to create infinite and intricate variations. Lastly, I will share my ideas on bead construction and finishing techniques.

All skill levels welcome  More details to come. Watch this space for cost, location, supplies list.


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