My Sleep Talk by Artybecca

In an article I learned of an app called Smart Voice Recorder that only records when there is sound. The article said it was good for recording talking in your sleep. I have always been told that I talk in my sleep -- loud, clear, and mundane -- so of course I had to give recording a try. The very first night, I "Watched a Bunch of Cats" and I was hooked. 

I have recorded myself every day since then. I discovered, to my HORROR, that I snore occasionally. I end up with about 3-8 minutes of snoring every morning and a snippet of intelligible talking about half the time. (I edit the audio file with another app called Wave Pad Free while I'm still in bed. I delete the unwanted sounds and the typical 10-15 minutes of my alarm going off that doesn't wake me!) 

I am making super simple low res videos to go with the audio recordings. Video quality will improve as I learn how it works! I see the video images on my phone but not here on the computer. Click on the video start button and they will play.

The dates are when I posted the video. The date of the recording is usually a few days before.

Videos 12-16 were made from recordings between November 2016 to February 2017.

16. Pens or Pen-cils?

15. Me either!

14. Not a ring, per se.

13. We found him!

12. So delicious!

11. Dungeons and Dragons. (posted 6/5/16, though recorded all in one night in April. Usually I only talk once or twice in a night. Was very chatty this night! And no, I don't play D&D.)

10. Random Snippets (3/25/16)

9. Landscape of Some Sort (3/11/16)

8. Short Stories (2/29/16)

7. Fun Collage (2/21/16)

6. Coffee Machine / Root Beer (2/19/16)

5. Striped Wallpaper (2/12/16)

4. We'll See (2/9/16)

3. Problem Star (2/6/16)

2. Enamel Bottle (2/2/16)

1. First, We Watched a Bunch of Cats (1/31/16)


  1. OMG these are so funny!! My husband talks A LOT in his sleep but mostly unintelligible words. It's amazing how clear you are.

  2. Holy poop. This was HYSTERICAL!! I was cracking up and had to tell both my kids to download the app immediately and to be prepared to amuse me with their recordings.



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