Sunday, April 21, 2013

Slightly Unbalanced

I never feel like I have enough time! I don't even have kids. I have no idea how parents do it.

New scribed thingies below...

I put the loop too low on the back so this tends to flop over from the top.
Now I know to put the loop almost at the top. 

On second thought, I DO know why I don't have
so much free time anymore!


  1. LOL. A good reason not to have time anymore!

  2. I agree! This is a great reason. He is cute.
    Love the new beads and green flower!

  3. i LOVE the flower focal bead!! i must attempt my own right away! did you make a stencil to cut it out?

    1. No I didn't use a stencil to cut out the flower shape. I rolled out the black clay first and just outlined the shape in that and cut it out.

  4. so simple and so fabulous. i am going to give it a try when i get home. i just love flower focals and i love the idea of making one myself.
    thanks for your wonderful blog in which i find so much inspiration!

  5. I really love the flower pendant. Very eye catching!



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