Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beads and info that could save your life some day

Two sets of new circus beads in an unusual color scheme.

You may have heard of the terrible flash flood last Friday on a main road in Pittsburgh that resulted in the deaths of a 72-year-old woman who was swept away after she got out of her car, and a mother and her 8- and 12-year old daughters who were trapped in their vehicle that was completely submerged in 9 ft of water. So sad.
There had been very heavy rains several hours before and then another torrential downpour that overloaded the drainage system with almost 3 inches of water in a few hours. The manhole covers blew off and the water from pipes under the road filled the streets, adding to all the rainwater pouring down from the surrounding hills.
It wasn't all bad news ... Here's a nice story about someone who probably saved a life that day.
I drive Washington Blvd frequently...I won't be on it anymore if we've had any heavy rains. A similar, but not deadly, flood happened in the same spot last month and on other occasions through the years. There was another death back in 1951.

Below are two links to information that describes what happens as a car takes on water and provides step-by-step instructions that could save your life should you ever find yourself in that dangerous situation. You don't have to drive into a lake or fall off a bridge to end up in a sinking car.
Read this info and memorize it:

And if you don’t have one of these window-breaker tools, it would be good to have (and hope you never need to use it.) I ordered 6 from Amazon for myself and family members. I plan to get some wire and make the useless handle above my driver's side window into a "home" for my new Lifehammer.
Lifehammer two pack
Lifehammer Keychain size


  1. Looks like it's your turn for lots of water this year. We had a terrible floods last summer here in Australia, nearly 3/4 of Queensland underwater. Predicting another wet one again.

  2. My husband bought all of us those window breakers for Christmas last year. Scary stuff when we watched Myth Busters.



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