Friday, February 4, 2011

Virtual Paintout: Romania

I missed last month's Virtual Paintout to Boston so I swore this month I would do my picture early!
I found a good scene and drew it last night while I watched Jimmy Fallon and Carson Daly. I used a gray, fine point Sharpie marker. I'm pretty pleased with the picture.
You can see the scene on Google StreetView. This area, Strada Tudor Vladimirescu, Pantelimon, România, seems to be a little shopping district where people have shops in their garages, a tent, or out of the back of their van! Almost everyone seen in the surrounding streets is carrying a package or two.


  1. This is amazing! Oh to have your drawing ability.
    Bead Happy!

  2. I love it! I have a--instinctive, it seems--bias in favor of drawing as opposed to full-fledged painting, and this one is great! I really like the sparseness and power of the composition, which gives the impression(to me) of a more rural setting than in the Google street view, and I love that creative freedom that you've exercised!

    Great introduction of you to me. I'm bookmarking you, to check out more.



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