Saturday, February 12, 2011

Home Improvements: NEW CLOSET!

My upstairs remodeling was just finished yesterday. The small bathroom was enlarged to allow a full vanity with more counter and storage space, and the so-small-as-to-be-useless "bedroom" (8' x 8'!) next to it was turned into a walk-in closet.

A hall linen closet and the little room's closet, which sat between the bath and small room, were eliminated to provide the expansion space for the bath. (The new storage in the bathroom vanity and the former main closet in a different room will provide more than enough space for everything that was in the eliminated linen closet.)

Now...aahh...all my clothes can be in one place instead of in this closet, and that closet, and the other closet, and still downstairs on the laundry rack.

Space...the Final Frontier!

 (Ignore the curves and disconnects...that's from the photo stitching program.)

Here's a sneak preview of the new bath. More pictures will come after I do the decorating.

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