Sunday, February 6, 2011

Adventure: A Step in the Wright Direction

If you've ever wondered about those people who have the nerve to quit their job and go on a solo, around-the-world journey, you can follow along with someone doing it right now: Christy of A Step in the Wright Direction. She worked at the same company I do, until she quit last month after saving up money for two years to go on this 5-month trip. She's blogging about her adventures in entertaining entries...go check it out.
<<<< There she is on Haleakala in Hawaii.

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  1. hey rebecca!

    just came across this and wanted to say a big thank you for the shout out. i'm currently in bangkok but will be headed for an island called koh phi phi later today. google image search that if you get a chance. you won't be sorry...but you might be jealous:) hope all is well back in the burgh and that you're keeping all those clowns at wesco in line!

    thanks again for the support. greatly appreciated.




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