Sunday, February 27, 2011

Home Improvements: Remodeled Bathroom

The bathroom was lengthened by about 2.5 feet past the doorway which allowed room for a 60" wall-to-wall counter instead of a small 24" vanity. Beadboard on the cabinet fronts and walls. I am probably going to paint the walls and ceiling a pale, pale silver gray to provide contrast for the beadboard.

I found the white ceramic tray in the cookware section at Marshall's, and the flip-top bottle to make the mouthwash prettier. Now I think I need to make a hairspray cozy! 
(But now, let me give a testimonial for John Frieda's Frizz-Ease hairspray. It's designed to help curly hair stop frizzing in the rain, by blocking moisture. However, it works in reverse too...if you have straight hair that goes completely limp in damp weather, this spray helps lessen that problem.)

 I thought this little bird pedestal was cute and since it fit with my white ceramic theme,
and it was only $3.99 on sale at Michael's, I bought it!

 Plastic trays to keep the drawers clean and the items inside orderly. 

The drawer pulls have not yet been attached.

The exhaust fan has the retro-with-a-brushed nickel look I used as a guide for my design choices.

The toilet paper holder has room for quite a few spare rolls.
The top bar twists up to create a straight bar to slide them on.

 The towels and bath mat are aqua blue, so when I saw this clock, I had to get it. 
Its main purpose will be to show me how far behind schedule I am every morning.

This cheerful gerbera shower curtain and this floor towel rack have been ordered to complete the look!
The new closet was part of this remodeling project also.


  1. All so lovely! Thank you for sharing.
    Enjoy the day, Rebecca!

  2. love the new bath! It has a fresh beachy look. I re-did the bath 2 years ago. Same space but updated fixtures (no more taupe tub & sink) and new flooring. Of course that meant an all new color scheme!

  3. Very pretty! I love the fan and the floor (all of it really)



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