Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wendy asks a question about the buffer

Wendy asked me about the wheels that came with my buffer. After using the buffer quite a bit in the last two weeks, here's what I learned about the fabric wheels:

The buffer came with two wheels. One is plain muslin (on the right side in the picture at left), the other was more soft and fluffy. I decided the fluffy one didn't really work well for me. The plain old muslin, once I broke it in, has been perfect. After I used it for an hour or so, the fabric frayed, thereby making it softer. So if you get one I recommend buffing up some old pieces to soften up the muslin.

I also bought a denim wheel which makes a softer shine. However, I have to keep it off the light made marks on a pale piece of white and pink. On dark clay it was fine.

Also, wear safety glasses or goggles and a dust mask! The buffer turns out a very, very fine powdery dust that nobody needs in their lungs. I placed a box directly behind the wheel and put paper on the table to catch most of the dust. But it still left an expanded trail behind the buffer.

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