Thursday, July 5, 2012

Does this happen to you?

I often find that beads I make with no plan in mind end up being a perfect match for a piece of clothing in my closet. It's not surprising, I suppose. I chose the clothing because I liked the colors; I mixed up the clay into those colors because they appealed to me. And behold! The perfect choker for this top.

These little dudes are smaller than the one above. They, and a few more similar color schemes, will be in the etsy shop this coming weekend.


  1. that goes so well! I tend to buy a new top and sit down with it on my bench to make something to go with it - when I'm not too busy that is!

  2. I find myself frantically tweaking a piece first thing in the morning as I'm getting dressed so that it will better work with what I'm wearing. Seriously, chain link pliers are on my dresser.

    I love your single great bead on a wire!

  3. Looks great together. This happens to me all the time.



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