Friday, September 23, 2011

Artist: Barb Fajardo

Check out some lovely work by my new friend Barb Fajardo, also known online as rubarb04. I have a pair of earrings similar to the set shown here; you can see other colors and designs on this page. Or you learn how to make her interesting designs in her Textured Tesselations class on

I'm leaving in a few hours for the Pittsburgh Polymer Clay Guild's weekend retreat. It's always fun to have a weekend with the ladies and see what everyone's been up to all summer.

Today is the official end of my Phase 2 fthe Dukan diet. Down 32 lbs, two more than my Dukan chart said I would be on this day. I don't plan to stop; aiming for 8 more pounds.


  1. what is this Dukan diet? I need a diet. i would LOVE to lose like 25 lbs!

  2. I took her online class and really enjoyed it.

  3. I have been meaning to take a class on CraftEdu...this one sounds fun! Thanks for sharing! Isn't the Dukan diet like our version of the Atkin's diet? I would try it but I don't like the side-effects. Did you experience any? Congratulations for losing 32 lbs.! Awesome!



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