Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tips: Flickr Cross-Pollination

Many artists who sell on etsy also post photos on (If you don't already, you should.) Post your photos in a variety of groups to bring more eyeballs to your work. I personally bought a set of glass beads because I saw the item on flickr first, then immediately flipped over to etsy to purchase.

However, are you taking advantage of ALL the groups on flickr to bring new "not-necessarily-your-own-category" people to your work? Branch out! If you are also a gardener, post images in a flower group; if you have a cute puppy, post his photo in a dog group; if you love cooking, post your pictures in a food group, if you draw, post images of that work in a drawing group, etc, etc!

If people like your images, they'll pop over to see what else you have. Maybe those people don't ever search flickr for jewelry because it's not their focus, but they could be potential customers once they know you exist! They can find your shop listing in your profile, you can put a blog link in the photo description, and they can always google your name. Make it as easy as possible for people to find you!

These are some of the photos I posted to "cross-pollinate" into various flickr groups -- pastels, hydrangeas, cute cats, home decor...


  1. Great tip! I do this all the time. What drives me crazy on Flicker is when I love some artist's work and cannot find a website or blog link. I don't sell, but I can tell you I tend to buy when I'm not expecting to find something...when I'm really struck by a piece and GOTTA get it right them.

  2. Congrats! I saw your work on Polymer Clay Daily today.

  3. Great tips and thank you for the etching tutorial on Flickr. I enjoyed seeing your work thanks to Polymer Clay Daily.



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