Monday, September 20, 2010

Beads: Weekend projects

The round one above is my little homage to the Bead Master SCDiva!

I think the only way to get on the Etsy front page is to have an acorn in your shop. So, darn it, if that's what it takes, I'll make an acorn! This one is plain but I have an idea in mind to make one that's more me...


  1. Hope you make it to the front page with that acorn! I love the other ones too!

  2. OMG! These are all wonderful! I just really want to come over to your house and play with clay :)

  3. I had to laugh at your comment about the front page and acorns! It couldn't have been any more timely...I had just attempted my first polymer acorns too...tis the season.

    I'm still drooling over your fish, need to get my fish hook over to your shop soon before they are all gone.



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