Sunday, August 15, 2010

Garden: Bastard Acacia (was: help me identify this tree)

This little tree popped up by itself. It seems to be pretty common because I pull little things that look similar all the time. This one was about a foot tall when I discovered it in the spring and it's now about 4-5 ft tall. It has a pretty shape and nice leaves so I decided to keep it. I have google searched for "ovate leaves tree" but haven't had any luck putting a name to it. (A flickr contact identified it for me.)


  1. do a search for flowering sort of looks like a sumac..i've seen the leaf structure before..but where???

  2. Aren't free trees great, got to love the persistence of nature. I have no suggestions as to the kind of tree, sorry. Our state university has local agriculture extension offices in each county that are really helpful in identifying plants. Would Pennsylvania have the same? Perhaps they can answer the question.


  3. Hello. Did you ever find out the name of your tree? I have a tall tree very much like it that I'm trying to identify. I don't think those are ovate leaves, though. Hope you get this message!

  4. Hi Dawn... yes I did get the name. I edited the title of the blog post after I found out the name of the tree. "Bastard acacia" is the correct name of the tree. I learned the name when somebody from Germany saw my photo and question posted on Flickr and told me the name of the tree. I love the Internet!



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