Sunday, April 11, 2010

Virtual Paintout: Canary Islands

This is my April pastel pencil drawing for Bill Guffey's Virtual Paintout. This time we visited the Canary Islands. This funky apartment complex at 2 Camino Los Tableros, Moya, CN, Espana caught my eye. I proceeded to take major liberties with the colors!

Click the link to go to Google Maps. Once there, click on the red A and select "street view." Use the direction arrows at top left to spin around to find the buildings on the hill.

Pastel pencil, 9”x12”


  1. Your paintings are very good. I like the colors and the way you paint.
    The virtual Paintout is interesting -and a challenge to choose a view every month, but I am a fan .
    Congratulations for your artwork.
    Best regards

  2. thanks! Yes, I agree... sometimes it takes a while to find a scene I want to paint for the challenge and sometimes I find a good image quickly.

  3. Very nice paintng. Great simplicity and color. Where in Pittsburgh are you located?

  4. Hi Peggi,
    thanks for the compliment! I live in Forest Hills (east). I attended your talk about doing portraits at Double Door last year (or maybe two years ago...time flies!)



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