Friday, April 30, 2010

Pittsburgh Neighbors: SueBeads

Well, while I was out shopping all afternoon, SueBeads was putting up her blog entry about our trade. Read all about it here.
We had a mutual admiration email exchange a while ago and worked out a trade (and also discovered we live just a few hills apart!). I was enamored of the little enamels in her shop and I wanted to make something out of polymer clay to go with them so I could have a new necklace. It was easier said than done.
I made one set of beads and had the things completely strung and then decided I just wasn't loving the result. So I tried again with a totally different look...still, not quite it. So, the third time I went a bit simpler and smaller so as not to overwhelm the enamels. And now I love it!!!

Here's necklace attempt #1. I put these beads on etsy the other night and they sold yesterday.

Here's necklace attempt #2. These are currently for sale on etsy.

Third time's the charm! Here's the keeper! The gold spacers were purchased at a bead show in February.
I'm going to a Dayle Doroshow workshop sponsored by the Pittsburgh Polymer Clay Guild this weekend and plan to wear it!


  1. So wonderful cooperation you have! I like results very much :-)

  2. It's fabulous! I'm so proud to be a PA girl!! I love that you two are working together...what a great combination of artwork. :)



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