Sunday, April 25, 2010

Events: Art All Night in Lawrenceville

Pittsburgh Polymer Clay Guild had a demonstration table at Art All Night in Lawrenceville held last night in the gigantic old warehouse of the former Iron City Brewery. It was my turn to man the table at 9 so Rob and I went early to check out the art. Plenty of interesting tattoo and piercing creativity on display as well!
Two of my favorite art pieces were:
Bruno Sammartino by Mario Zucca. He has a lot of images on flickr that you can check out.
Jack Puglisi did a large (18"x24" or so) pointillism picture of a girl sitting in the grass. It was made up of eeny weeny dots. I can't find any of his work on the web except this picture of Lincoln.

Everyone and anyone are invited to show one piece of art at Art All Night. I didn't take anything because you had to drop it off in the afternoon and I didn't want to go over there and then back at night and back the next day to pick up. But if I had, I might have taken my bar scene pastel. It would have fit right in!

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