Saturday, February 6, 2010


I awoke to a 50-degree house this morning and discovered that the power was out due to the ginormous snowstorm that hit the east coast last night.

The power was not totally out, however. Lights came on at half-brightness and the TV would stay on for a short while then cut out, but the blower on the furnace wouldn't work at all. As the day went on, the house got colder and colder.

When the sun came out I took advantage of the warmth to shovel the driveway. There was about 17"...over the top of my snowboots to just under my knees.  See more pictures on my flickr page.

The temp inside was down to 44 degrees this evening when the power finally came back on around 7pm. I was already under the covers (+ 4 extra blankets) reading by half-light wearing sweatpants and socks, a long-sleeved t-shirt, sweatshirt and hoodie with a blanket over my shoulders. I also had the water dripping from two faucets to prevent freezing.

Thank you for getting my power back on, Duquesne Light linesmen!


  1. With the sunshine, your snowy photo looks so tranquil. You must remember the great northeast blackout of 2003; what an opportunity to switch gears.

  2. It is so strange...the snow was here so long, that when it warmed up a bit two weeks ago the snow melted pretty fast and it seemed weird to see the ground. Now we've finally had sunshine for a week and I realize just how truly gray and miserable the last 7 months were (it got cold in September and stayed that way.)
    I do remember the March 13, 2003 blizzard...especially so because my friend got married that day! That was quite a day!



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