Thursday, February 25, 2010

Artist: Lynda Moseley, SCDiva on etsy

Lynda Moseley, aka SCDiva on etsy, has recently come up with faux jade polymer pieces that everyone loves. I bought her green jade Koi focal bead and it arrived yesterday. It is as smooth as glass! It prompted me to buy her finishing tutorial so I can learn her secrets!
She has done a lot of transfers on polymer...check out these super cute "circus" beads.


  1. Great minds think alike! I bought her tutorial earlier this week. I hope I can someday get my polymer to that level. Your advice has also been invaluable to me to push me to the next level. I'm so appreciative!

  2. Rebecca, I just came across this feature today! Thank you so much! It is an honor to be included on your gorgeous blog. I'm so happy you loved the Koi and thanks for the tutorial purchase, too (and thank you, too, Jenn!)




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