Monday, September 3, 2012

New fish and beads in the etsy shop

Been watching "The Booth at the End" on Hulu Plus this afternoon. Very cool show with a simple premise but that's very interesting if you like psychological drama stories. The stories start to interweave, and take a few twists along the way. There are only five 23-minute episodes in the first season so you can watch it all at once.

 Here's the description from wikipedia: The series follows the storylines of several characters who visit a mysterious figure in the corner booth at the back of a diner. Each character has heard rumors that this Man is able to grant desires, provided that a task is performed. Upon receiving the task, the Man's only other demand is that the character continually update him on his or her progress. Once the task is complete, the character's desire is always fulfilled.

New fishies in the shop tonight...

And some new beads...



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