Sunday, September 30, 2012

Can you tell I got a new texture tool?

Having fun with my newest toy...a super simple dot-patterned stamp!

There are some matching beads in this same pattern. I call the hot pink and leopard-look pattern "Edith Prickley." That has to bring up a memory for at least a few of you out there!


  1. Gi_rrrl!,You know! ur, All-That! and, a -tube-of-Glue,(((SMILE))) Hi! I"AM-A-FAN! I"ve gone to art-settings-(the mall)),creative-art-Shows,Art-fest.etc...Your work'in the gift -OUR FATHER HAVE TRUELY-GIVEN TO-YOU KEEP-Up THE "GODLY GOOD WORK! I'am just Startiing,and boy you make it so much fun! THANK"s FOR THE GREAT INFO: it it really Help-me-out -more than you Know ,and to know one can make GOOD -OUT OF -OOP"ies THANK'S A GAIN,STAY BLESSED... Maxine



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