Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Kitty: Georgie

You may have noticed there have been no new beads this week and my shop is very bare. It's because I was speed dating with cats at two shelters. It was successful and now I'm in love.

I met Georgie at the Humane Society on Wednesday night. They were waiving adoption fees for cats over one year for the month of June so I took the opportunity to get a free cat. Right off the bat, he sat on my lap for five minutes. He didn't even know me, so I knew I had found the lap cat I was looking for.

I went back on Thursday and signed the adoption papers and picked him up Friday at 6 pm, after he'd been neutered. They also removed a toenail that was injured when he arrived at the shelter (he was a stray but clearly he's been around people at some point in the past.)

I got him home and he investigated the room I had set up for him. After about 20 minutes he jumped on my lap and I petted him until he went to sleep. I moved him to the couch and went to make dinner. After a few hours I peeked in on him and he was still in the same spot which struck me as odd.

I went in to see him and he was very warm and lethargic. I had to pick him up and jostle him to wake him. He was also breathing too fast so I bundled him up and we went off to the emergency vet at 10:30 pm. Turned out he had a fever of 105.9 degrees. I was happy I had brought him in...if it went much higher, it could have been very bad.

They did blood work and his white cell count was a little off but nothing to indicate a serious infection. They surmised that the stress of the days in the shelter, plus the surgery that day may have weakened his immune system temporarily. They kept him overnight and gave him IV fluids (you can see part of his shaved arm in the photo.) His temperature was down to 100.9 this morning and he was lively, and eating and drinking. When I picked him up after lunch, five different employees told me what a sweet cat he is. They would have kept him if I'd let them.

We took a nap when we got home and he seems good as new. Now I need to start cranking out some beads -- my "free" cat ended up costing $500!


  1. Oh no.....but he is so cute and already so sweet that he'll surely be worth every penny!

  2. He is very, very sweet! You two sound like you were destined for each other - hope he feels better soon. Vet bills are hard to swallow, but all that love from Georgie is worth it :)

  3. Kitty love!!! Cheers to you and Georgie from me and my boys, including Toastie, our latest addition from the Humane Society. :)

  4. Lovely cat,i'm laughing just a little about your "free cat" such thing is there..
    I found a dog..had a little mange, nothing bad..treatment a series of shots, special shampoo(2x's wk),plus heartworm tested(-) & vaccinations at my very affordable vet,still added up $$.
    he's a completely lovely,hugabug dog..
    animals allow people the opportunity to open their hearts...

  5. Yes, agreed, vet bills are part of the territory and responsibility. And he's so cute, the dollars are already a distant memory!

  6. Poor boy - I'm glad he's found someone happy to look after him at last :)

  7. Yep. No such thing as a free cat :)
    But what a sweetheart. Yay for you! Yay for Georgie!
    Let the cat-shaped bead making begin!

  8. He looks very much at home already!

  9. He looks so sweet, you are lucky and so is he. My two little guys are lovable but never sit in my lap, so I envy you. Yes, cat beads are in order.

  10. Isn't that always the way? We had a "free" gerbil! Your kitty is so cute, though, and your beads are so fantastic, I think you're going to have a great summer!

  11. ¡Tienes un corazón enorme! el gato ha tenido suerte de tenerte a ti, cuando hay amor por medio, los gastos no se cuentan, no hay más que una vida y hay que aprovecharla al máximo. El mejor valor es el amor, no el dinero. ¡Te deseo un buen verano!

  12. Lucky Georgie to find you to care for him! He knew whose lap to sit on!



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