Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mokie: 1995-2011

My poor little Mokie man had to go to the great beyond Thursday morning. His medicine wasn't helping and he was clearly not happy anymore.
He used to curl up on my lap while I worked on the computer or sit high up on the cabinet while I made beads, and he snuggled with me every night at bedtime. He was a great friend for 15 years and will be very much missed.

"From high upon my perch I see all!"

"What? I didn't do anything, honest."
Centerfold from "Playcat"
Modeling with the new shower curtain
 Enjoying the aroma of the overgrown honeysuckle.


  1. Mokie was a true beauty! It sounds like he was beautiful inside as well as out. I am so sorry for your loss. I know these little critters become like our children. I have brought two kitties into my home to help fill the void of the two that I lost. The guys I lost will never be replaced though. Mokie knew that he was loved. He was a lucky cat to have you in his life.

  2. I am so sorry. He was very beautiful. Cats are very special pets. Each so unique in their own way. RIP Mokie.

  3. i'm so sorry to read this.
    had to do the same this week with my old cat.
    it's difficult not seeing them in their little favorite places.

  4. thanks for the nice words everyone! Too bad our favorite animals can't live for 80 years. I suppose we could have tortoises or parrots...but they're not quite as cuddly as cats and dogs!

  5. Poor Becca, I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your darling cat Mokie - what a sweet man he was - it's so hard to let them go, but they do thank goodness stay in our hearts and minds forever.

  6. j'ai perdu mon chat Didi âgé de 15 ans aussi , il y a 3 ans et je ne l'oublie pas!!!je comprends ta peine!!! j'en ai 3 autres maintenant , mais les souvenirs liés à mon Didi ne me quittent pas!!! courage!!!! JINe

  7. I'm so sorry to hear it. He was a beautiful boy.

  8. RIP sorry for your loss.

  9. So sorry about your kitty. I miss my two!



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