Monday, July 5, 2010

Babel Fish Translator: Just added, and so easy!

I just found out how to add the Babel Fish translator to my blog. If you want to read my blog in your own language, look for the translator toward the bottom of the right-hand column.

If you want to download the translator for your own website, I found it here:
Just add an html gadget to your page, and copy and paste the line of text that Babel Fish gives you when you click on the "I want this one" button. 

And speaking of fish, this trio is swimming off to a customer in Massachusetts tomorrow!


  1. Quel travail!!!!j'aime beaucoup!!!

  2. I'm sure they will swim into a beautiful design!
    Thanks for the Babel fish link.


  3. Stunning fishes!!!

    It´s nice to translate blogs, but i find google translater much better. There are way more languages and you can just add the gadget in blogger. Just wanted you to know if you want more languages. Take care - and don´t ever stop working with polymer clay!!

  4. Wow!!! son espectaculares !!! me encantan los colores envejecidos !



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