Monday, March 1, 2010

Virtual Paintout: San Francisco

I finished my February entry for the Virtual Paintout blog a few minutes after midnight but hopefully Bill will let me slide. (If you want to see the Google Street View image this is based on, enter "278 Noe Street San Francisco" and put the "yellow man" on the street and circle him around until you see the outdoor cafe.)

After being inspired by Leslie Hawes' great colored pencil work, I decided to pick my colored pencils up again. I have a 120 set of Prismacolors somewhere that I bought at least 10 years ago but I can't find them. I decided to try the Derwent pencils and purchased two small sets to test them out (Artists and Colourfast).

I liked the Colourfast better...they seemed to put more pigment down. After being used to pastels, I wanted more coverage than the pencils gave me but I'll keep experimenting. It's just a different way of working. And speaking of that...I forgot how much longer pencil takes than pastels. No grand sweeps of color in one fell swoop with these babies.

I've been working on this picture off and on for two weeks but realized this evening that the month was over today so I slapped it out! This picture is very terrible if you look at it close -- I recommend distance and squinting for best viewing results.

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  1. Yippee! I saw this on the Virtual Paintout blog, and thought, "That's a great colored pencil drawing!" and then came over here and it IS a great colored pencil drawing...
    and you have me linked! I am so excited!

    I can bet that colored pencil is a bit slow after using pastel. And this drawing is full of little areas that have to be colored in. Quite the challenge.
    Well, thanks Artybecca! This was a very nice surprise to find my name when I came to visit.



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