Monday, March 22, 2010

Clay: More scrap before and after

Here's the "before" shot:

And the "after" that I will use for "tapestry" beads:

I named this sheet "Corinthian Leather" -- who of you remembers where that came from and who said it? (Apparently there's some controversy over the actual adjective used with the phrase...I recall it as "rich corinthian leather" but that actually may not be correct. Oh, the things you learn from google!)


  1. Oh, I never thought you could have scrap after your work, it looks so perfectely wise and organized!.. So I think your scrap is really semi-finished product with good development after:-) Shades are really magical!

  2. Gorgeous! So much for calling it "scrap" eh?

  3. Beautiful, such rich colours.

    I also wanted to bring your attention to a typo in your profile. It says "Ceativity" instead of "Creativity".

  4. Thanks Ingrid! I fixed the missing R. Those darn typos have a way of sneaking in where they are not wanted!

  5. it's a bit late, but wasn't that fernando lamas in ads for..was it chrysler? somehow i feel like i remember cordoban figuring in somehow, too, but i may be blending memories...



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