Saturday, January 30, 2010

Boots! I love boots!

From October to April I wear boots almost every day. I have several pairs of black, and one pair each of gray, red suede, brown, and silver. I would own purple too if I could ever find a pair to fit my size 11 feet. A guy on etsy seems to have a secret stash of interesting '80s shoes. I would happily wear these boots or these boots.

My favorite pair of boots were purchased at DSW but that store has let me down lately. I used to find lots of 11s there but almost none in the last year. About the only place I can find shoes now is at Payless, JC Penney, or Zappos. I loved the boots pictured at left from Aldo but the biggest size was too small. Cry...

My feet were this size by age 11 (1973) and back then the only big foot shoes were hideously ugly "old lady" shoes or exotic items meant for transvestites -- not the look I wanted in Junior High. I spent my youth with one pair of ugly dress shoes and the rest of the time I wore boy's shoes (nice way to build the self-esteem! NOT!) Finally in my senior year of high school, I found a pair of nice black pumps like a "real girl" would wear. That was the beginning of my love of shoes!


  1. Love both boots you linked to, Becca. I recently received the neatest catalog in the mail (I love anything different and would wear these clothes if I could have both the money and the figure). There were some neat shoes and boots in there too that you might get a kick out of. I like the paper format of a catalog, but their website is Thought you'd get a kick out of it anyway.

    As to the 11's, isn't that what size Paris Hilton wears? She always has gorgeous shoes on her feet. I've gone from a 7.5 to a good solid 9 over the years...which doesn't make me happy either. Petite I am not. Anyway, I always liked the look of boots and haven't had a pair since the gogo boots era. I like the boot tops to be high, up to the knee cap and most fall about 5 to 6 inches lower on me. And while I am not a large person overall, boots always seem a bit too small in the calves for some reason. Sheesh. I just wrote a novel.

  2. Love the gray boots...I'm a huge fan of tall boots like you any color will Autumnleaves, I've always found the calves too small, so rarely ever find them to fit! I do have a pair of short purple boots...just couldn't resist them and I wear them all the time!!!
    Wow those boots from Etsy are amazing aren't they...
    Enjoy what is left of the weekend...

  3. I have the opposite calf problem. Mine are very skinny and most boots flap around my calves and look ridiculous. I only have a few pairs that I can wear without making sure the tops are covered by my skirt.



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