Monday, January 11, 2010

Beads: "Scrap" clay

I make my beads from "scrap" clay almost exclusively. Generally, it's the centers of my beads that are a solid color. I like the blended, layered's similar to my other love, pastel!
Here are a few examples...


  1. Leslie's work is amazing, isn't it? I wish I could sit at her feet and just learn. I love colored pencil art and she is so masterful!

    Happy belated birthday to you, Becca!

    I think your beads are so pretty! They are quite unique, though I am at a loss as to try to explain why they look so different to me...

  2. Yes, Leslie's pictures made me go look for my box of 100 Prismacolors that I haven't used in years. I couldn't find it...I'm hoping I lent the set to my mom!
    I don't know why my beads look different except that I'm glad that's the case -- developing one's own style is what being an artist is all about, isn't it? I try to make what I like and am naturally drawn to and it seems to be working out fairly well so far.



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