Saturday, January 11, 2014

Art is a many splendored thing

It is my opinion, based on personal experience, that an artist is never bored. Rather, there are so many different things to try that there are not enough hours to fit all the interests.

I often ask an artist "what other art do you do?" in addition to their work I am viewing at the moment. They usually have a list of many.

What do you do frequently (now or in the past), what have you flirted with occasionally (or even just once), and what is in your future on your art bucket list?

Here is mine:

FREQUENTLY: polymer clay, sewing, drawing (pencil, colored pencil, markers, and ink), painting (pastel, acrylic on paper and things), jewelry making, photography, graphic design

FLIRTED: mosaic, glass (flameworking, fused, stained, paperweights), enamel, batik, marbleizing, paint (watercolor, oil, spray, faux finishes, airbrush) knit, crochet, cross stitch, PMC, papier mache, printmaking, wool rug hooking, ceramics, and murals, decoupage, handmade books, quilting, macrame, rolled paper beads

FUTURE: woodturning, weaving, sculpting, collage, ribbon flower embroidery, felting

...and I'm sure I'll think of more! Maybe you'll give me some ideas!

In other news, I finally created an Artybecca "business" page on Facebook. If you want to follow my polymer there instead of (or in addition to) the blog, go on over and Like me!


  1. Frequent for me would be polymer clay, though I am taking a break. Loving small assemblages right now, it's a great way to use up what I've collected. Flirted with encaustics & collage in the past, but I think I need a class to really get past the hurdles.

    I agree, never cored. I keep a journal all the time to jot down ideas, admittedly they are all over the place!!

  2. I do not understand bored because it is not in my vocabulary. There is always so much to do!
    My interests are polymer clay, paper mache, needle felting, wood working and gardening.
    I have also done knitting, crocheting and fused glass pendants but I am a complete novice with those. I would like to get into the fused glass pendants more.



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