Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fun finishes

I never paint my beads but after the recent workshop where we used a bit of paint, I still had the bottles on the worktable. The other day, after I had made a set of my usual scribed beads using silver powder instead of black, I thought they looked too bland. So I grabbed the gold metallic paint and voila, now they look pretty. To protect the paint I sprayed the beads with PYM II and then machine buffed them lightly. Me like!

The teal clay below is a dark forest green that I mixed with Ultralight. If you mix Ultralight with regular clay and blend it all up, it results in a velvety matte finish. Usually I leave it as is after curing but I lightly machine buffed these and I like the way they turned out. It looks very ceramic-ish to me.

And more of the usuals...


  1. Hi there! Love seeing your work and learning new things from you. I make small animal sculptures, but some of your ideas have inspired me to try new things, which brings me to this: what is PYM II?? I use Renaissance Museum Wax to give my sculptures shine and some protection AFTER they have been sanded and you use this? If you are curious, here is my Etsy shop: I learned about you on PCD blog and because you are featured in Cindy's book (I guess she mentions me in it)...I love your fish!! Thanks and take care, Cat (in Prague Czech Republic)



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