Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sew busy with yet another hobby

I have been neglectful of my blog and clay for a while. Feeling in a rut lately so I decided to expand my horizons backwards -- I pulled the sewing machine out of mothballs. My grandmother sewed everything she ever wore and got me started on it with a sewing class when I was in 7th grade. I used to sew all the time. My closet was full of homemade short tight skirts back in the 80s.

So far I have completed one pair of simple pants, but mostly I succeeded in buying a boatload of fabric. I got gorgeous faux distressed leather. It looks totally real but is just very thin, very drape-y fabric. Easy to sew and irons beautifully. It is halfway to becoming a shell, a skirt, and a pair of pants.

Also got a nice knit in a crazy brown, gold, teal, and white pattern and a woven stripe in similar colors. These will end up as coordinating skirts, tops, and simple jackets.

But the wow-est of them all is an asymmetrical knit that goes from navy on one selvage edge to bright yellow on the other with wild feathery brushstrokes of every color in between. I may look like a giant pretty bird!

While at Joann's on my fabric splurge I discovered an artist I have not seen before in the book section. Do you know Moy Mackay from Scotland? 
She makes gorgeous pictures out of felt and wool and stitches. Fantastic colors!! She has a book called Art in Felt and Stitch


  1. Her work is incredible. Thanks so much for sharing. Glad to see you back on the blog!

  2. I have gotten sucked in to sewing, as well. My daughter moved out 2 years ago, and I now have a room to use for my studio. I am going crazy with the colors and textures of fabric! I bounce back and forth between sewing and clay. It's kind of a nice rotation.



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