Monday, March 12, 2012

Tutorial: Easy Method to Make Faux Rice Paper Effect

Start with a pale color -- I mixed pearl with gold. Roll out a sheet on the thickest setting.

Hold an unconditioned block of clay above the sheet.
Quickly flick your blade down the vertical side of the block to chip little shavings onto the sheet.

Add one or two more colors. Turn the block as you flick to randomize the direction of the chips.
Run the sheet through the pasta machine to press the chips into the sheet.

Apply the sheet to a log of clay (a sheet rolled into a log).
You can use a solid color or scrap. It won't show so it doesn't matter what you use.
Cut the log into equal pieces.
Pinch the ends together slowly to merge the sides together and hide the center core.
Roll the beads to smooth the ends in and make it round.

Make some more shavings and pick up a few slices to cover any of the core that might be showing or
to fill in empty spaces.

Roll again to smooth the surface. Use an awl to create a hole. Bake, sand, and you're finished.
Other options...Here's an example of black with pearl and gold. Instead of using a sheet to cover the bead core, in this case I started with a solid black core, cut it into equal parts, and rolled them into round beads.
I rolled the black beads through shavings spread out on my work surface.
You could opt to roll the shavings completely smooth or leave them as shown above for more texture.
You could also use a pearl base covered with white and gold flecks for a more traditional rice paper look.
Examples of faux rice paper patterns


  1. Beautiful effect, thank you for sharing it.

  2. You always have so many cool ideas.....

  3. This is a fantastic and very simple to understand tute. Will be using it VERY soon. Thank you.

  4. This made my day so nice of you to share!

  5. Thank you so much for beads are in the oven now!



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