Thursday, December 8, 2011

Craft Class: Enamel pendant

I took an Enameling class tonight at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts with Lindsay Huff. I have an enamel pendant I made in first grade but that's my only other experience I ever had with it. Lindsay showed us the basics and then we all went to town with colors. To get the most done in a short period of time, I chose a large 2-inch diameter disk and made different designs on both sides. As so often happens with me, the vision I had in my head for side one didn't turn out good at all, and the side I tossed together with no thought actually turned out really nice. Lesson: when starting out, simpler is better!

This was the no-thought, just make something quick to go on the back design. And I really like how it turned out so now it's the front.
I tried to make a sky and hillside with flowers. I ruined it with the purple. I should have left it simple with a loose cluster of orange flowers. Oh well. If the class hadn't been almost over, I could have salvaged this by putting a orange or yellow over the purple to tie the colors together better.

I just became aware of the website "Damn You, Autocorrect." It's definitely good for a few laughs! I texted my mother once to tell her I was "Almost to Kirwan Heights. Be home in 45 minutes." Autocorrect helpfully changed it to "Almost to Korean hysterical."


  1. Hey love your hillside with flowers. Like a hot summer day in the the French countryside!

  2. I think you are being too hard on yourself. Both sides are lovely although the yellow one is more in your style. Enameling is tricky business! I used to do quite a bit of enameling and loved it so much. But it didn't love me. All the sanding (for cloisonne mostly) really hurt my hands. Very labor intensive. Then I discover polymer and my hands are healed and I am happy.

  3. THe enamel class sounds like fun - I'm going to have to check that out! Was it torch or kiln fired?



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