Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beads: Weekend fun

I'm working on season 4 of Mad Men now. Betty Draper gets the Coldest Mother of the Year prize.

New variations on old beads...

And new items using old themes...

...a button. I can't vouch for the washability of this. I"ll make samples, stitch them to cloth, and see how many wash and dry cycles they can take! Anyone have experience with this?

...and a brooch, or a "pin," as I always called them. (Brooch was the word my grandmother used!)
I see that people make brooches all the time, but I haven't seen anyone actually wearing one for decades, except maybe on their winter coat. I had quite a pin collection back in college and into the 80's but for some reason, gave it up. Not every outfit has a great neckline for a necklace so perhaps it's time to start again.

Poll: How about you wear brooches?

This black fish was a test. The black is too looks okay in the photo, but in real life his details and face get lost. Next one will be in my usual gold.


  1. I have a brooch on my bag but don't wear one as such, but perhaps I should!

    Have fun washing your buttons

  2. Pravite prelepe perle i divne broševe! Moram priznati da ih nosim rado i često - kao diskretan ili upadljiv datalj, uvek oplemene garderobu!
    Srdačan pozdrav!
    You make beautiful beads and beautiful brooches! I must admit that I wear them often and willingly - as discreet or conspicuous For details, always enrich the wardrobe!
    Best regards!
    Biljana Teodorović



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