Sunday, June 6, 2010 Expired

If you go to you will find it no longer works. My first post on this blog last September was the growing realization that it was easier to do a blog and have a flickr, etsy, and facebook site than manage my own website. My hosting agreement was set to expire yesterday so I let it. (I still own the URL.)
I heard a story once that in the early days of radio, everyone got in on the act. Department stores and other businesses had their own radio stations to advertise their sales and promote their products. Later, it became easier to let a radio company manage the technical aspects of the work and just buy time on their stations. Why bother with all the hard parts when you just want to advertise your clothing or gasoline?
We're already at that point with the internet. Why do I want to bother with a web design program, organizing folders of images and html files, and then uploading to multiple folders on the web host's site when I can just log in and start typing or uploading my photos? So much easier and at less expensive than the hosting cost!
My blog even lets me have a few pages that are not chronology based so I moved my favorite web content there. If you're interested, those pages are:
Paint projects


  1. And this is a nice blog 'theme' to showcase your work! Is it one of the new ones I saw offered recently?
    The computer world is making it easier and easier to present our art without having to know all the technology.
    You beads are delicious!

  2. Thanks Leslie!
    The blog "theme" here is just one of the basic blogspot set-ups and I edited the html to change the column widths and chose new colors.



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