Tuesday, December 29, 2009

DonorsChoose.org: Gift certificates

I just donated to my third donorschoose.org project. It's called "Change with Time" and the teacher describes it here.  I gave my family gift certificates for Christmas and we had fun searching for projects that were of interest to them.
  • My brother likes Chess so he helped a teacher buy Chess strategy books for his students. 
  • My mom wears a pedometer every day and is fanatical about getting her steps. She donated to a project to get pedometers for the students who would gather information while burning calories and learn about charting and analyzing data. 
  • Rob works in energy conversion so he donated to a solar project.
  • Rich is a retired teacher and farmer so he donated to an agriculture class learning about landscape design and soil testing.
  • All DonorsChoose.org projects are submitted by public school teachers who seek resources essential to their students' success.
Check it out, it's fun! Best of all, I can pay for donations with Paypal. That makes it easy to contribute some of my bead proceeds to a good cause.


  1. What a fabulous idea for gifts, Becca. I love how your family found organizations that they could help that spoke directly to their interests and to their hearts!

  2. yes, it really was a fun thing. And, better still, it's tax deductible!

  3. Thanks for subscribing to my blog, I love your artwork, such beautiful beads! I love this site and often look at the different projects, I love what you did with the gift certs at Christmas. Very cool.



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